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BPS provides all levels of candidates recruitment, outsourcing, and aptitude & attitude test. Moreover; if you already have potential candidates and they cannot be employed as your permanent staff regrading internally organizational reasons such as a higher salary structure or budget controlling , please let BPS hire them as our employees and manage their labor issues instead. So, you will be happier than focusing on such supporting issues and have more times to develop your core business.


We are a professional recruiter for you who require recruitment assistants or need to control HR cost. Please do not hesitate to talk to BPS.


We are a professional outsourcing company since we have served this service for PTT and PTT Group. Then, you are able to trust us that you will get qualified persons to work with and let us manage your labor issues in order that you can focus on your business. Positions that we provide to our clients such as F&A , IT, Legal Officer , IE, Engineer,Process Engineer , MES, Project Coordinator, Supervisor, Physical Therapist, Interpreter, Marketing Researcher, Specialist (Life Science, CVC, Data Analyst) etc.

Aptitude & Attitude Test

We absolutely understand that investing in Aptitude & Attitude Test Designing is quite costly. So, is it better if there are such prompt tests available for you ? Please talk to us !

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